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Title: A New Pocket Mouse (Genus Perognathus) from Kansas
Author: Cockrum, E. Lendell, 1920-2009
Language: English
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A New Pocket Mouse (Genus Perognathus)
from Kansas



University of Kansas Publications
Museum of Natural History

Volume 5, No. 11, pp. 203-206
December 15, 1951

University of Kansas


Editors: E. Raymond Hall, Chairman, A. Byron Leonard,
Edward H. Taylor, Robert W. Wilson

Volume 5, No. 11, pp. 203-206
December 15, 1951

Lawrence, Kansas



A New Pocket Mouse (Genus Perognathus)
from Kansas



In studying the kinds of mammals known from Kansas, I had occasion to
examine a series of _Perognathus flavus_ from the western part of the
state. Comparisons of these specimens with topotypes of named
subspecies revealed that the specimens from Kansas belong to a
heretofore undescribed subspecies which ranges through western
Nebraska, eastern Colorado, western Kansas, and western Oklahoma. This
subspecies is named and described as follows.

=Perognathus flavus bunkeri=, new subspecies

     _Type._--Female, adult, skin and skull; No. 11716, Univ.
     Kansas Mus. Nat. Hist.; Conard Farm, 1 mi. E Coolidge,
     Hamilton County, Kansas; 1 July 1936; obtained by F. Parks
     and C. W. Hibbard, original No. 894 of Hibbard.

     _Diagnosis._--Size large (see measurements). Color light,
     upper parts between Pinkish Buff and Cinnamon-Buff
     (capitalized color terms after Ridgway, Color Standards and
     Color Nomenclature, Washington, D. C., 1912), sparsely mixed
     with black hairs; the effect at a distance of eight feet, is
     between Clay Color and Tawny-Olive; lateral line between
     Pinkish Buff and Cinnamon-Buff; postauricular spots near
     Pinkish Buff; small subauricular spots white; underparts
     white. Skull of medium size (see measurements); frontonasal
     and mastoidal regions much enlarged; interparietal
     transversely narrow.

     _Comparisons._--From topotypes of _P. f. flavus_ from El
     Paso, El Paso County, Texas, _P. f. bunkeri_ differs as
     follows: Averaging larger in all cranial measurements taken
     except in occipitonasal length, which is approximately the
     same, and in interparietal width, which is less; color more
     buffy, with fewer black hairs dorsally. From topotypes of
     _P. f. piperi_ from 23 miles southwest of Newcastle, Weston
     County, Wyoming, _P. f. bunkeri_ differs as follows: Smaller
     in frontonasal length, mastoidal breadth, and length of
     auditory bulla; color more buffy, with fewer black hairs
     dorsally. From topotypes of _P. f. sanluisi_ from nine miles
     east of Center, Alamosa County, Colorado, _P. f. bunkeri_
     differs as follows: Averaging larger in all cranial
     measurements taken except interparietal width, which is
     smaller; color lighter and more buffy.

_Remarks._--This is a brightly colored subspecies of _Perognathus
flavus_, with less black dorsally than any adjacent one. The lateral
line is well marked. Three young adult specimens taken from Wakeeney,
Trego County, Kansas, are much brighter than other specimens from
Kansas. The five specimens from Greeley, Weld County, Colorado, are
much darker dorsally, like _P. f. piperi_, but are referable to _P. f.
bunkeri_ on the basis of cranial characters.

The name _P. f. bunkeri_ is proposed in recognization of the continued
attention which the late Charles Dean Bunker, Curator of Birds and
Mammals of the University of Kansas Museum of Natural History, gave to
building up the collection of mammals from Kansas. Acknowledgment is
made of the assistance afforded me by a Research Assistantship with the
Kansas Biological Survey.

     _Measurements._--Measurements of holotype and average of
     four adults (two males and two females) from the type
     locality are as follows: total length, 104, 105.2; length of
     tail, 44, 47.5; length of hind foot, 16, 16.7; length of
     ear, 7, 7.2; occipitonasal length, 20.6, 20.9; frontonasal
     length, 14.0, 13.9; mastoidal breadth, 12.1, 12.0; length of
     bulla, 8.0, 7.8; interorbital breadth, 4.5, 4.6; alveolar
     length of upper molariform tooth-row, 3.3, 3.1;
     interparietal width, 3.2, 3.2. All of the measurements
     listed above are available for each of the five specimens
     except that the occipitonasal length and frontonasal length
     are not available for the two males.

     _Specimens examined._--Total, 54, distributed by localities
     of capture as shown below. Those from Nebraska and Colorado
     are in the US Nat'l Mus., Biol. Surv. Coll., and those from
     Kansas are in the Univ. Kansas Mus. Nat. Hist.

     NEBRASKA:--_Box Butte Co._: Alliance, 1.

     COLORADO:--_Weld Co._: Greeley, 5. _Kit Carson Co._:
     Burlington, 1. _Fremont Co._: Canon City, 1.

     KANSAS:--_Cheyenne County_: 23 mi. [by road] NW St. Francis,
     1. _Rawlins County_: 12 mi. NE McDonald, 1; 2 mi. NE Ludell,
     1. _Decatur County_: 2 mi. S, 6 mi. W Oberlin, 1. _Logan
     County_: Vincent Ranch, N. Fork Smoky R., [= 4 mi. W and 8
     mi. N McAllaster], 2; unspecified, 1. _Gove County_: Castle
     Rock, 1. _Trego County_: Wakeeney, 3. _Hamilton County_: 1
     mi. E Coolidge, 8. _Stanton County_: 6 mi. W, 1-1/2 mi. S
     Manter, 1; 8-1/2 mi. W, 2-1/2 mi. S Manter, 1. _Kiowa
     County_: Rezeau Ranch, 5 mi. N Belvidere, 1. _Morton
     County_: 9 mi. N, 3 mi. E Elkhart, 18. _Meade County_: 9 mi.
     SW Meade, 1; 17 mi. SW Meade, 2. _Clark County_: Stephenson
     Ranch, 7 mi. S Kingsdown, 1.

     OKLAHOMA:--_Texas County_: 2 mi. E Eva, 1.

_University of Kansas, Museum of Natural History, Lawrence, Kansas._

_Transmitted May 14, 1951._


       *       *       *       *       *

Transcriber's Notes

Page 205: Changed underscribed to undescribed
  (belong to a heretofore underscribed subspecies).

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